Friday, February 15, 2008

Sick at Home!

It's been a week that I am having continuous coughs and runny noses! But on Wednesday morning when I went to school(second period) I couldn't control myself and concentrate ...I was shaking and coughing all the time...I called my mum to come and get me from school and she took me to a doctor!(At Saint Raphael's Clinic)He told me that I have a virus and I have to stay home until its gone...First day it was so boring because I was in bed all day...looking at Cypriot telly because at England it's 2 hours back and its morning programs that I hate to watch(oh...forgot to tell you...I have Sky...)and it was all the pre-election blah blah stuff and I had to fix my closet!Second day I was better and fixed all my other closets and studied all the work that I lost from the previous day!

These days were like I was in prison(not that bad...rooms and stuff like that)I meant to be free and get out from the house and enjoy life:P Didn't go out to play football with my neighbor or go to school or go to the Valentine's Party that the Brotherhood planned( in my school:D) but again thank goodness my blog was here:P and you guys that support me::P(I always say it but it's true!)

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