Friday, February 15, 2008

2 days for the elections!

I can't wait to see who will be our new president for 5 years...I want I.Kasoulides to be elected because one of his suggestion is the problem with the Cypriot youth(I am young:P) but the other big candidates have slightly a bigger chance! A lot of people are coming to vote from abroad(our political parties bring them for free...but a lot of people take advantage of that and come to Cyprus just to see their families and friends...and vote) Last night I stayed up and watch the last program of the latest elections that the 3 BIG candidates can share their opinions so the last-minded voters could choose their president...It was quite boring to see them talking about stuff that I don't care about:P

Here are the 4 main(9 in total but I can't find photos:S) candidates of the Cypriot presidential elections 2008:

1.Tassos Papadopoulos

2. Dimitris Christofias

3.Ioannis Kasoulides

4.Kostas Kyriakou

Funny thing is that Kostas Kyriakou's views are to create four Cities-Countries in Cyprus. Three for Greek Cypriots and one for Turkish Cypriots. He says he would reconstruct all the cities on the island and will give emphasis on people's health. Weddings would be forbidden on the island while men and women will be able to make love freely with no need for engagements.

That's funny...

*Update will come

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