Thursday, September 20, 2007

USB Golf Launchpad lets you practise your golf skills besides your cubicle

For some unknown reason that you’ve always been busy and stuck in the office and you have no leisure to enjoy playing golf. Here comes a USB mini Golf lauchpad lets you get all the satisfaction of playing golf just next to your cubicle. The set is a USB device that you can hook it up to your PC, Mac and PS2. Once connected, you can actually hit the ball as if it’s on the tee and watch how the ball reacts in the computer or video game screen right in front of you.

It’s also a great device for you to practise your skills quietly in the office until it’s mature then only you go down to the field for a real game. It’s equipped with a swing analyzer that gradually helps you improve your swinging skills. You can play the game with your own clubs, from driving to putting. The device measures your golf swing thousands of times each second (clubhead speed, path, angle) and translates this into information that EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour software renders on-screen with breathtaking realism and accuracy.

Buy online, CostCo, $250

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