Thursday, September 20, 2007

Book Of Lights for big fans of pop-up books

This book is called the Book of Lights, open it up, something pops out of it. What’s that? Isn’t it a dinosaur? No, it’s a lamp that emits a tabletop warming glow, which is best for you who has been a long fan of pop-up books. This is simply great and I don’t think I have any reason to resist it, even though I’m no big fan of pop-up books. The kind of design definitely fits so well for those living in little apartments, which it’s so easy for storage.

When you don’t need a light during day time, you can just close it up and stack it together with your stacks of magazines under your little coffee table. And bring it up on your coffee table, open it up and let it shine you through your way for reading books after dinner.

The Book Of Lights is the design of Takeshi Ishiguro. This book has no real content, all it has is the popup lamp, which the power source is a low-voltage adapter. The light source of this lamp is from three .06 watt LEDs only, which is definitely too weak if you rely on it as your main light source for reading. Anyway, this is meant more for decoration instead of functionality. But, I do see the usefulness if its light power can be increased due to the easiness of storing it like a book.

Product Page, Artecnicainc

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