Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tetris furniture saves space, it can be 2 chairs+table, sofa and also a bed.

If you’re a big fan of the game Tetris, the you’ve gotta love this. It’s the furniture that grabs the concept from Tetris that allows them to be nicely stacked and joined together for easy storage. The furniture is definitely great for those who live in small apartments which space is so limited for storing household stuff.

The furniture set actually comes in three pieces, which there are two small pieces and one larger piece. It all depends how you fit them all together, which you can turn them into 2 chairs and a low table set, a sofa and even a bed. So, when it’s meal time, you’ll need to turn them into 2 chairs and a table. When you feel like watching TV, then you could have the sofa setup. And, of course, the last fixture, the bed is definitely for bed time or time you feel like taking a nap.

via [oHgIzMo]

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Qatar Cat said...

Looks fascinating, but how comfortable is it? I mean, if you have a table it has to be hard, right? And it's not so comfy sleeping on a bed that is hard as a table.