Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Views 200+ and growing

Hi guys!!!

Everyone ok??

Thx for passing by and reading my blog and thx that my views went to 200+ and still goin!!!

I know that some websites get 1 000 000 + per day but for a 13 year old kid I think its good..

Thx for everything!!


Charis Iacovou said...

great blog dude! interesting informations about everything. cool pictures also! keep doing this!! u educate us:p lol! ur cousin!!

Qatar Cat said...

Don't fret over the visitors :)

They will come.

Just continue posting all this awesome interesting stuff!

Peter said...

kuku!! me is peter!!:P Afinw to comment m gia na anaferw oti... EFIRTIKAAAAAAAAAAA!! ne efirtika :P me jintin ekompi me tus i8opious p prp na kanun oti tus lali jinos p evales video p to youtube!! yep! :P anw Panico o petros eime.. charis friend.. EKATALAVES?!?!? anw c yaaaa!!
ps. Charis en mporis na pis informations :P keep the s, its urs!