Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Back from Holidays!(Late):P

Hi guys, I know I came back 2 weeks ago from Thailand but I didn't have time to sit and post, because I went to Weir Camp(American Academy's Camp in Troodos Mountains!) So I came back yesterday, unpacked my bag, had a big bath(the teachers only let us 15 seconds of running water :S) washed my teeth, cleaned my shoes(other story:P) and slept for a couple of hours!

Let me start with Dubai! I loved Dubai, all the shopping of all the continents can be bought there! It's very modern and it has many skyscrapers! The only thing my family didn't like is how hot it was through out the day! Something I saw and amazed me(didn't think to take a picture) was that the bus stops even had closed Air-Conditioning rooms so anyone who wanted to use the public transportation! Also an other thing that had amazed me is that nearly everything in Dubai is human built(Even the beaches) I can't believe that Brave cat can live there and work!

Thailand for me was the best destination that I have been to since I was born! It differs a lot from Cyprus in many ways! People in Thailand are so lovely and kind, but instead in Cyprus there are grumpy and nasty:P! In Bangkok we went to all the shopping malls, which are very cheap and easy to find. My best choice was Pantip Plaza because it was a mall of everything I like! When we went to Phuket, everything changed. From a city to a night-life town and beaches!
There the holiday became a holiday, all day in the sun-swimming in the swimming pool! Night -life there was little odd for me because all the ladyboys and prostitutes were up and running:P

OK, now that I am back, I will post frequently so i will get more views:P


Brave Cat said...

Yup, I live, work and have tons of fun here :)

Man made beaches are not too bad, by the way.

Panicos said...

dubai was lovely, but it was toooooo hot:p Too tell you the truth, if I had an opportunity to work there, with good money, I would be delighted to come!