Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anorthosis made us proud again!

So some know, Anorthosis from underdogs became glorious from the best Austrian team that anyone can play against! It was a great night last, even if it was late, Anorthosis scored three times against Rapid Wien! In the first half we were afraid that we would concede a goal but when we strike it in everything changed. We didn't see any Austria attack from then, so the game was like in our side! Then in the second half we managed to score to more goals by Sosin,our leading scorer!

The bad thing is that now we have to defend well in Austria so we are safe to go through! When we go through, we have a chance to play against these teams!:

FC Barcelona
Schalke 04
Olympique Marseille
Steaua Bucuresti

FC Basel
Olympiakos Piraeus
Shakhtar Donetsk
Spartak Moscow

It's tough to play these teams because the have a budget of 100+ million and we have a budget of 10-15 million! So lets hope for a lucky draw and play well like last night!

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