Wednesday, June 18, 2008

10 Reasons to NOT go to the festival of Kataklysmos!10

Kataklysmos is 50 days after Easter where we celebrate something that I have to say honestly I don't know! Everyone goes down-town Larnaca where there are many things to do....But here are the reasons why I don't go many times there like some!

1. It's full of people. You can't park near it and have to walk for one hour until you get there!

2. All the babies around crying out loud, "Wanting that and wanting this"....

3. The cheap toys that you bet on in the "kazanti"( a small, very small gambling place, btw everywhere downtown this time of year, where you give them two Euros and give you some numbers. If you find one of those numbers in a small thing, you win anything you want in that small area!) Stuff that you can win: Knifes, Small Stuffed Animals, Small Bicycles, Small Guns for Kids and etc.!

4. Foreign people like Sri lankans and Japanese, selling small toys like flowers with colorful wires and etc....But my question is why always Sri lankans and Japanese!

5. The food. You don't find anywhere to sit without hearing shouting and babies crying. Also you wait in a line for about an hour for some crappy food!

6. All the village people, with mustaches and open T-shirts come down from their villages!

7. All the other citizens of Cyprus, like Limasol and Nicosia people coming down and causing too much traffic!

8. All the couples walking along kissing and holding hands! The guys showing off !!

9. All the money they are wasting for nothing...The usually use over 100 fireworks per year!Only in that festival!

10. The singers that they bring, Goin Through-Tsalikis-Martakis

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When I read this post I loved it because it was exactly like my opinion for the Kataklysmos!

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Anonymous said...

hello i'm laura i'm french
i know this festival and i think it's not good to go there
in france we don't know it, we know ibiza for example
in my opinion all these big parties are full of alcohol, drugs, sex diseases, money...
Young people who are going there are the future population of the world ... we have to worry about that ...
good bye