Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Video Games I Play...?

Thats a tough question for me!...I have got a PS3(very satisfied with it, simple words "I LOVE IT") and a PC :P, that I blog every day!:P I have a range of games on my computer like WoW(World of Warcraft), Football Manager and Movies(passed it in like 3 hours...). On my Playstation I play the legendary Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Time Crisis 4(they give you a gun with it as a extra...fake gun to play more realistically) Oblivion, Motorstorm(brilliant game) and the best series of game HISTORY...Call Of Duty! I have 3&4 and I love them...passed them both very easily but I started playing Multiplayer Mode recently...I am useless on it but I kill on average-about 2-6 players per game that bad but I am proud of myself:P...My name in the game is Pani7...I don't play addictivly but if I have time I PLAY! If anyone plays the European Version and plays the multi-mode comment me so we could play together:P

Whats your game???(LoL...thats the slogar for WoW)


Collins said...

Your blog is quite nice, i love the posts as they feature various interesting subjects especially movies!Kudos!

kyriakos said...

egw agorasa prosfata to super paper mario gia to wiii einai ligo pediko alla exei plaka..

makari na mporousa na svisw tous dialogous..

Peter said...

re pedin!!! Proxoras a...! Egw afika to diko mou blog, evarerhika to :p and it was quite pointless for me Anw :p esei paeis kala!! Keep going duuuuuude. Anw en exw ps3 egw alla ok, en ine telia useless :p c ya!

Qatar Cat said...

I wish I had time for stuff like that :P