Wednesday, March 19, 2008

M'bilia Bel

I was searching in the storage garage of my house to find something some day and found this African cassettes when my dad lived in Africa!( After the war in Cyprus,1974 my entire family escaped from the Turks by traveling to Malawi,Africa! Some of my relatives still live there!...)

Back to the subject, the cassettes where from Congo-Malawi(don't know really) of the singer is M'bilia Bel(strange name) and I wanted to hear what my family heard all those years!

After trying to figure out how to place the cassette in my HI-FI, rewind it to the beginning and the beginning of the end started!...But when I started to get the tune, I started to like it! Its a bit catchy and sometimes at school I remember it!...Its so annoying!

I started to search for the singer in the web and found an article in National Geographic about her! This is it:

Artist Name: Mbilia Bel
Genre: Soukous
Country: Congo (DRC)

Artist Bio:

Mbilia Bel was Africa's first female transcontinental diva. In fact one could argue that there has not been any female musician from Africa who has captured the imagination of music fans across the continent as much as Mbilia Bel did in the '80s.

With a combination of stunning beauty, an angelic soprano voice, and tremendous agility on stage, Mbilia Bel stole the hearts of music fans all over the continent and beyond. Her heavenly voice moved those who listened to her slow jams in tears of joy. Her exceptional dancing skills left audiences roaring with delight, and lit up Tabu Ley's already famous stage show.

She began her performing career at the age of 17, singing backup for Abeti Masikini and later with Sam Mangwana. She burst onto the music scene when she joined Tabu Ley's Afrisa International in 1981, and the combination of Tabu Ley's composing genius and Mbilia Bel's heavenly voice resulted in Afrisa records literally flying off the shelves.

She had and has an interesting life :D Here is also a video I found in Youtube!:

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