Sunday, March 23, 2008

Asterix aux jeux olympiques

I went and saw it a few hours ago and surprisingly I enjoyed watching it!"It starts off when Alafolix falls in love with Princess Irina and make her to marry him by sending her poems that she fells in love! But when Alafolix goes to Greece to see her from Gauls, Brutus (son of Julius Cesar) asks the Princess to marry him! She won't accept his proposal and Alafolix gives a good suggestion. The winner of the Olympics should marry Princess Irina! So Alafolix goes back to Gauls to ask from his friends to help him win the Olympics! So the villagers send Asterix and Obellix to travel with Alafolix and help him get the crown and the girl:P! When the Olympics start the stars think that it would be easy just to drink the magic potion and get over with it! But when Brutus finds out that the Gauls' residents use the potion to win, he tells to all the people their secrets and ban the potion from the Olympics!.............! So cheeky Brutus goes and pays the referees to allow him to win all the games with his rules...However this stops when Asterix goes to Cesar and tells him that "That's how Romans win and rule"....So he announces that the final competition, the horse racing, will give the winner of the Olympics! The horse racing starts( they have Schumacher as a racer and some Ferrari personnels in this part) and Brutus has an head start by giving the horses some potion he got from the Gauls' residents...But Asterix again tells to Cesar that Brutus is fake, he gives the crown to Alafolix and the Gauls village!"

( I used a lot of Buts and Sos :S)

I give this film a 8 out of 10!

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