Sunday, February 24, 2008

What does this country have to pass through!

As some know Cyprus was invaded by Turkey on 1974 without any explanations! It killed a lot of people and left thousands homeless...Today Demetris Christofias became Cyprus' president, which Cyprus will be the second country in the world that has a COMMUNIST president and the only one that is in the EU! Why does the population of Cyprus has to suffer all these years! HOPE THESE 5 years pass quickly so that the people understand that Cyprus can't be ruled by a bunch of COMMUNISTS!


Qatar Cat said...

Comrade Panikos! :P

I am glad we agree on the outcome of the voting. I didn't come to vote, but my husband flew in twice. What a pity we lost. Oh well, maybe the people will realise that Commies are not the answer to their problems. Maybe. I don't keep my hopes too high.

Paul Burgess said...

What do you mean "without explanations"? There had been 11 years of inter-communal violence [1963-1964] culminating in a coup and an attempt to assassinate President Makarios. Turkey held talks with Greece and Britain which obviously didn't get very far as Greece had been involved in the coup.
This is not for one moment to justify any war crimes or the continuing occupation or necessarily all of the conspiracy theories BUT the invasion didn't just happen out of the blue.

Panicos Demetriou said...

Mr. Burgess I appreciate your views and respect them. However, the @without an explanation" comes from a youngster who was born many years after the events you mentioned, and my question is .....Why are they still here then!

Paul Burgess said...

Because there has to be a comprehensive solution that both communities accept. For years the T/C hardliner Mr Denktash didn't seem to want a solution. When the T/C's pushed Denktash out [after mass demonstrations] the DYSY leadership [along with a few AKEL dissenters] urged the acceptance of the Anan Plan. As you know Papadopoulos [and the centre-left coalition] spoke strongly against it BUT didn't propose anything else.
I make it sound very simple. I don't mean to. There is a lot of hurt. People have lost their homes etc. so any solution will take a lot of courage and determination to make it work.