Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Judgement Day for Cyprus! (Updated)

Update 5:

It's final! The president is a COMMUNIST!

ΑΠΟΤΕΛΕΣΜΑ: Ψήφοι: 240.622, Ποσοστό: 53,36% 240.622 53,36%
ΠΡΟΗΓΟΥΜΕΝΟ ΑΠΟΤΕΛΕΣΜΑ: Ψήφοι: 150.016, Ποσοστό: 33,29%, Αυξομείωση: 20,07% 33,29% +20,07%
ΑΠΟΤΕΛΕΣΜΑ: Ψήφοι: 210.320, Ποσοστό: 46,64% 210.320 46,64%
ΠΡΟΗΓΟΥΜΕΝΟ ΑΠΟΤΕΛΕΣΜΑ: Ψήφοι: 150.996, Ποσοστό: 33,51%, Αυξομείωση: 13,13% 33,51% +13,13%

Update 4:

The EXIT POLL shows that Demetris Christofias is going to win!:(

Update 3:

Ioannis Kasoulides votes at a school in Nicosia!(Don't know the name)

Update 2:

This doesn't count as a update but I wanted to show the final ads of I.Kasoulides!

Update 1:

I went in FOUKOU blog and found this video from Youtube! It's Demetris Christofias telling to the journalist to stop asking THE NEW PRESIDENT OF CYPRUS these stupid questions! I think he is too much confident for these elections! OOhhhh Kasoulides is first in all the predictive polls in the TV channels ! Update will come!

Judgement Day!

Today we will know who will be the next president of our lovely country! On one side we have the LEFT PARTY LEADER Demetris Christofias and on the other CANDIDATE John Kasoulides!

Lets hope all goes well and the REPUBLIC Of Cyprus WINS!

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