Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They have won a fight but not the war! (Updated)

Update 2:

Here are some pictures and videos of yesterday's match!

Update*! Came back from the match :

Anorthosis won! It wasn't a very good match but it had quite good chances at some points! The fans were fabulous! They didn't stop shouting and cheering up the players, but after like 20 mins of game play, a firecracker was thrown near the Omonoia's goalkeeper Antonis Giorgalides and he fell down! But he was alright:) Then Omonoia fans got crazy cz they were loosing and started breaking things to throw to our fans! No one got hurt but there was a lot of damage!

This is Greek!

Tonight the two rival teams! Anorthosis and Omonoia are playing at Antonis Papadopoulos! The good thing will be that Anorthosis is top of the league and Omonoia third! The bad thing is that Anorthosis is with the Right-side(in politics) and Omonoia with the Commies! The fans will be fanatic after the elections and with lots of AKEL flags ( if police don't find them!)! Also a lot of Greek flags will come out too!

It will be a good match to watch but sure we will see fighting or stupid signs coming out at one time!