Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is making friends easy ?

I believe that friends are not so easy to capture! To keep and love like a dollie! To talk together like family, not trying to change yourself for their sake! To hold hands in bad times and smile together at good times! In my world, I make friends easily and try not to lose them(I think some of my viewers have understand this for quite a while) I try to keep in contact with them, because I believe the best thing to have in life is your family and friends!

I decided to write this post because I was watching my dogs' getting used of a fellow dog! First time that they have seen him but they let him inside the house to sniff and do his business! Then they played and that was it!

The dog was at same age as Chili! So Chili go overexcited and started playing with him and running around. It was a happy scene for me because Chili stays at home 24h per day and doesn't have a chance to go and see other dogs!(because people in Cyprus don't care about animals very much and you know what might happen if he gets out of the gate!)

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