Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Review: Google Chrome

Google Chrome is light, plain and clear.  It's a type of browser that any person would use.  It doesn't differ with FF so much but it hasn't got a bar(FILE-EDIT etc.) It has a Bookmark Bar like Safari where you can rename and customize anything on it!
The install was easy, didn't have to do much, but there was a long terms page(but I didn't read it!)

Until now, all my current websites come up fine. Gmail made me jump, because of how much quicker it loaded, than Firefox and Safari. The Import Tool brought all my bookmarks and history from FireFox, so I don't miss anything!When first running the Google Chrome, a pop-up came and asked me to choose what search engine I would like to have as a default! I was a bit confused because Google has many enemies, but again, it wasn't a selfish move, letting people decide!

The homepage is basically a history of your popular pages that you visit as well as new bookmarks and searches etc.  But I hope they add features to iGoogle exclusively for Chrome( that I believe would attract more users!

You can change many things in Options, like the default homepage behavior and even if you would like to have the Home button.  I set mine up so my homepage would be iGoogle, but a new tab will open their fancy interface with most viewed pages and etc.
The built in Spell Check is pretty good.  Also the CTR L F works fine, like that it highlights all items on page, then moves through them.It still hasn't wowed me so I am waiting for the original version to come out!  Hope to see more features and unique ones too!

Download from here!

Rating : 4/5

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