Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is Silvestre going to be a worthwhile signing for Arsenal? (Updated)

Mikael Silvestre has signed for Arsenal from Man Utd after a shocking signing for the start of the season. Arsenal has paid nearly 800.000 GBP to Man Utd to have this experienced 31 year-old defender.

This guy is expected to bring experience in the centre or the left back of the Gunners defence.

It is worrying to see that Man Utd selling this guy to us, as it means they are not placing us in their tittle-rivals.  But if he becomes a good backup or even a partner of Gallas in the centre, it will be shrewd bit of business on Wenger's part.

By this move, Arsene has undestood that last year's 6 month bad perfomences was because of not having experience in the back, so I am looking forward looking the game tonight against Fulham! I don't know of Silvestre can play but again Come on GUNNERS!!!

I am gutted. After Adebayor found the post, I knew we weren't going anywhere with goals!  Silvstre didn't play, so I am still waiting to see him playing for the REDS!

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