Saturday, August 2, 2008


Something that I wanted to discuss with everyone is Dubai!  I travelled there a month ago as some know, and I was amazed with the wealth they have there! I saw dozens of cars that are worth millions and buildings that are being produced there!  But after hearing these stories from 248AM, like people paying $15 million for a number plate, it makes me sick!  These people have so much money that they spend it in useless things in life! Like what would it change in their life, if they had 1 as their number plate!  If I was in their position I would help the world, so I would not open the TV and see people suffering and dying!  But to tell you the truth, if we had that money, I think we would keep doing the same things that  these people are doing!  We are not in a place to judge them, until we get in their position!

Know any other stories of ridiculous money spending?


Brave Cat said...

Yeah I know a story - we are moving into a house which has 6 bathrooms.

Panicos said...

sorry-did i lose any episodes? whose we? are moving? what area?