Saturday, July 12, 2008

iPhone 3G launches!

My Review of all the iPhone 3G situation: The long waited iPhone 3G has launched yesterday. People gather around the world in very long queues so they would be crowned the FirstBuyers! I just look at them and I freak out! I am not saying that I don't like the iPhone but I can't see people living like that, competing to get something first because people in the other side of the earth are straggling to get something to eat, drink and somewhere to stay and sleep comfortable! I saw photos and videos of the iPhone and I am just amazed that Apple is fooling everyone to buy the same thing twice! Like what is the difference between 3G and EDGE? I know that its twice as fast and all those bull**** but its only a mobile phone and just having Internet on it just amazing! I believe buying the old iPhone would be the best choice because prices will drop ALOT and also it has the same features with the new one!

CNET's Small Review for the new iPhone:

The good: The Apple iPhone 3G offers critical new features including support for high-speed 3G networks, third-party applications, and expanded e-mail. Its call quality is improved and it continues to deliver an excellent music and video experience.

The bad: The iPhone 3G continues to lack some basic features that are available on even the simplest cell phone. Also, we prefer the original iPhone's design.

The bottom line: The iPhone 3G delivers on its promises by adding critical features and sharper performance. The iTunes Apps Store is pretty amazing, and the 3G support is more than welcome. We still have a few gripes, but the iPhone 3G a big improvement over the original model. [link]

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