Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Holiday or Stress?

OK, Friday was the last day of school for the Easter holidays. Everyone was very happy, thinking "Oh no school-thats great-100% relaxation!" . But they didn't think about the negative side of the Easter holidays! First of all, we shouldn't say "the Easter Holidays" because Jesus sacrificed his body and his life for us, sinners! We should celebrate Jesus resurrect but not party like in clubs like some people do!

A other negative is that for us teenagers(in Cyprus mostly!), we got to study for our exams... It doesn't mean you have to start from the first week of the holidays but if you don't, it will mean you will not be prepared for the exams!... I am goign to start revising next week, because there are not too many "parties at houses"! It's a bit stressful because you think "In a month, its the exams" but I don't worry soooooo much because if you study and you know what you have to know, you are ready to get a good grade!

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