Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chili's First Trick

(there is no volume...i dunno why but you can see that he sits )

Yes! It's true...Chili has learned his first trick( I was/am so proud).

One day I decided to start learning Chili some tricks so I can show off when family and friends come. No one was at home (good time cz it doesn't distract Chili's attention) and surfed in the web to find tips for learning dogs new tricks! Found one...don't remember what was it called:S but it was so help full:)
Printed it from my HP Photosmart printer and started to shouting him with the word "Sit". But I forgot the main ingredient of all the process! THE TREAT!(how could I forget that) I looked everywhere for something like a cracker or chocolate sticks for dogs but didn't find anything! Then i remembered Chili's Best snack!HAM...chopped it into little pieces and started AGAIN! (shouting him:P)
After like 10 mins he started to respond, sitting after saying the word "sit" for about 10 times! And he learnt it:) HE IS A VERY SMART DOG!