Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Pancake Day!

I love Shrove Tuesday...my mum makes me Pancakes..."As many as you want"...Ate 5 and loved them...put Lemon with Canderel(cuz I am diabetic...if anyone doesn't know)...recommend to eat pancakes once a week!

Anyone else ate pancakes today?


Anonymous said...

PAAANCCCAAAKEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :D :D :D :D :D mpuahahha! ate 2 on monday (coinsidence? (SP?:P)) a sour one with peperoni, cheese, mushrooms and other stuff, and a sweet one... A btw Panico, that day we met at IKEA, i got that weird black and white bookshelf that got flowerlike shapes on it, Charis found it ... interesting :P

Panicos Demetriou said...

lOl!!!:P:S:P:SPS:P What shelf...remind me..dunno remember!

Qatar Cat said...

Pancakes!!!! Me wanna!

Although the one on the pic here looks like omelette, not a pancake!

Panicos Demetriou said...

It's a pancake, Cat!
But is was the first one and it was a little retarded!

Qatar Cat said...

You know what? I like your clock. So... I am getting one of the same for my blog!