Thursday, January 24, 2008

Restaurant Review: Wagamamas-Nicosia

It's so exciting and refreshing to have something new coming to Cyprus which is out of the norm. I've been to Wagamamas on 3 seperate occassions now and have enjoyed each visit.

The food is cooked to order, using simple fresh ingredients and really tasty. The service is good, maybe too willing to please!

I would recommend having a quick meal here-good food-good service-not expensive...Plus you can park without worrying about your car-they have a private parking

Definitely 5/5!


Qatar Cat said...

Where is it exactly?

Panicos Demetriou said...

16 themistokli dervi, nicosia 1066

It's near Starbucks(Nicosia)

Qatar Cat said...

Ahha I know where that is. Thanks!