Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Four worst jobs around the world by Panicos794

1. Odor Tester
Smelling people's armpits...that's the way to live...I wouldn't work in this job even if i got 1M bucks because that is not a decent job to work...Wake up in the morning, drink your coffee and go to work smelling armpits...I don't even like to smell my ones:S

2. Septic Truck Driver

I would like to drive a car....BUT no carry a tonne of others poo...When that car passes from our neighborhood it makes us so sick that we have to leave the house...

3. Manure Inspector

I would love to be a scientist but not examining animal's I can eliminate it...Just live it there and it will evaporate:P

Roadkill Remover

The government pays people to track dead animals in roads and remove them...BUT who would have the heart to collect them like every day...I can't even kill an ant (couldnt find a decent photo:( )

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Qatar Cat said...

Well lets hope you go to college and get a decent job by your standards. But don't forget that these jobs are also very important! And the people who do that deserve respect.