Monday, September 10, 2007

Unlock your iPhone!

The iPhone software unlock is now available for $99. I was hoping they would sell it for $49 but oh well still not bad. [Link]

update: iPhone Worldwide Unlock is selling it for $50! [Link]

update: I asked all the networks in Cyprus if they can make a package to have unlimited wi-fi in whole Cyprus and with a standard price but no wi-fi is still to touch Cyprus!! : (
iPhone for me then!!!


Panickos said...

Hi Panicos,
This is your cousin Panickos currently in the US and A. I came across your blog after my mum gave me your link.

Since you are interested in the iPhone and how to unlock it here is a link that explains how you can do a software unlock but for FREE!

Check it out here

Do you have the iPhone. I know it is only available in the US right now.

Keep up the nice work you are doing with your blog!


Panicos Demetriou said...

Thx Panicko,

I am still thinking of getting an iPhone cz in Cyprus its expensive to use wifi with a mobile device and since the iPhone uses the wifi all the time its going to be expensive.
Thx for passing by ,