Friday, September 7, 2007

Toyota Land Cruiser 2008

Today while flipping through various blogs I found a link on 2:48am for a website which has spy photos of the brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 2008. I remember seeing photos of this shape sometime ago on a website, the pictures were taken in Oman actually, but people had doubts that it was a Toyota Land Cruiser because the logo of Toyota and the name Land Cruiser were hidden with a black tape. In these pictures Toyota's logo and the name Land Cruiser are both visible and obvious.

The website has three pictures of the exterior and four pictures of the interior. From the interior it looks amazing, but the exterior isn't really so cool. It looks ugly and smaller. Plus it looks like a Mitsubishi Pajero. I prefer the current shape.

If you want to see more pictures click here.

via 2:48am
original source: jalopnik

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Qatar Cat said...

Agreed, I much prefer the previous version. And it's awesome to drive!

That comes to you from a Landcruiser country :) I think most Landcruisers are in the Middle East. Every single local has one or more!

Oops, even I have one!