Thursday, September 13, 2007

Scented Bus Stops

Arcade Marketing Inc., in tandem with the California Milk Processor Board, is putting up a new type of advertisement at bus stops that emit the smell of chocolate chip cookies.

The ad, which will be placed at five bus stops in downtown San Francisco, utilizes the company's technology called MagniScent®, which disseminates smell via
scent-infused adhesives affixed to the inside of the bus shelters and undersides of the benches.

It costs about $30.00 to "ad-scent" a bus stop, and the smell is expected to last a week.

While scent-based advertisements have been used in magazines, it's supposedly a first for outdoor advertising. Though, I swear some fast-food burger joints deliberately pump burger smoke outside just to get me to walk in!

Interesting that the Milk Board would use cookie smell to attract attention to milk.

Via Yahoo News

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Qatar Cat said...

Haha what else could they use? Milk doesn't really smell. Unless it's gone bad :P