Thursday, September 20, 2007

CD playing athletic shoe

Why didn’t I think of this? Just take one of my unwanted pair of shoes, make a few holes on it and cram the CD player, speakers and some buttons and knobs into it to make up a BoomShoe - a CD playing shoe. Isn’t it a great idea? Yeah, as shown in the picture above is what I just mentioned.

It a design concept of a CD playing atheletic shoe that has built-in CD player, speakers, tweeters, a small knob for volume. And on the side, engraved are those control buttons for play, stop, forward and back. Everything seems to be perfect on this shoe? Perhaps, what is lacking is an LCD screen that let you easily navigate through your song list. Not sure, if the final product would still remain wearable, or else you could put it on and dance along with the beat.

via [sLiPeRry]

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