Monday, August 27, 2007

Daisie's Puppies

I told you from my previous blog that Daisie had puppies 2 weeks ago. The one is a boy(we are going to keep) and the other one is a girl. They are so playful and want so much milk from Daisie's titties.

These are some photos from the puppies today:

Chili(the little boy we are going to keep)

The little girl


Qatar Cat said...

Wow they are adorable!

Had I been in Cyprus I'd have asked you to sell me the little girl puppy :)

auntie Elena said...

agapimene mou.
tora eida to blog sou kai eimai exxxxxxcited !
xereis poso theloume to ena to puppie kai xereis pios den mas afinei na to piasoume... o kakos!!!!

Qatar Cat said...

Krima, Elena, auta ta skillakia einai panemorfa!